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Lock Howl

Lock Howl is a solo goth/post-punk project of mine that is inspired by bands such as BeastmilkType O Negative, Editors, Tribulation & Joy Division.

So far the project has released 1 EP ('Lost in the Static') and 1 full-length album ('Pareidolia').

Lord Rot

Lord Rot is a solo death metal project of mine that is influenced primarily by and "old-school" sound inspired by the likes of Necrophobic, Dismember, Repugnant & Entombed.

So far the project has released 1 EP ('The Realm of Decay') and 1 split EP ('Lord Rot/VHS Split').

Rats of Reality

Rats of Reality is a former band of mine that was active from 2014 until 2017. The band played a style of crust punk strongly influenced by black metal. Sound-wise the band took inspiration from the likes of Darkthrone, Amebix & Celtic Frost.

The band released 3 EPs while active ('Rats of Reality', 'The Art of Debilitation' & 'Obsequies').

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